Visit of Ministers from 14 African Countries Led by President of Oromia Regional Government on May 03/2023 – OCFCU

Oromia Regional Government President Mr. Shimelis Abdissa, Federal Higher government Official and 14 different African countries’ delegates of ministers have visited Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union at Gelen town on May 03/2023. The team were discussed about the success and best practice of Oromia Coffee farmers’ cooperative union of last 25 years based the short and brief presentation done by Mr. Dejene Dadi (General Manager of the Union).

The team was raised different issues and question about quality coffee product, farmers’ financial access, coffee product sustainability, enhancing of environmental protection, which related with Cooperative, and explained by Mr. Dejene Dadi and others key management team. They also discussed bout the market linkage of  newly established of Coffee Value add company Called “Onekoo Coffee” and its product.