Federal Commissioner and Oromia Cooperative Promotion Agency Visit-OCFCU

Dr. Getachew, the Commissioner of the Federal Cooperative Commission, along with Mr. Jamal Kedir from the Oromia Cooperative Agency and their team, recently paid a visit to the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperatives Union. During their visit, they had the opportunity to tour the green coffee processing facility and the One Koo coffee factory, both located Read more about Federal Commissioner and Oromia Cooperative Promotion Agency Visit-OCFCU[…]

Stackeholders visiting for Coffee Harvesting

Different coffee buyers and Roasters from Europe visited our primary cooperatives of Negele Gorbitu and Gwangwa today.During the visit we tried to shows them the coffee washing facility of Negelle Gorbitu, the cookstove project and the coffee plantation site of Gwangwa. We also tried our best to present them about the OCFCU overall activities.The visitors( Read more about Stackeholders visiting for Coffee Harvesting[…]

Oromia Cook Stove distribution project (GS- 5463)

Project location: West wollega zone Project proponent: Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) Project ID: GS-5463   The project is a small scale project activity that distributed improved cooking stoves for more than 8,000 coffee farmers in West Wollega zone in four selected districts (namely Homa, Haru, Lalo Asabi and Nole kaba districts). The project: Read more about Oromia Cook Stove distribution project (GS- 5463)[…]