Federal Commissioner and Oromia Cooperative Promotion Agency Visit-OCFCU

Dr. Getachew, the Commissioner of the Federal Cooperative Commission, along with Mr. Jamal Kedir from the Oromia Cooperative Agency and their team, recently paid a visit to the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperatives Union. During their visit, they had the opportunity to tour the green coffee processing facility and the One Koo coffee factory, both located in Sheger City Gelan.

The General Manager of Oromia coffee farmers, Mr. Dejene Dadi, delivered a presentation on the development of the union, starting from its establishment. His presentation primarily focused on the strategic activities planned for the next five years, which included digitalization, supply chain management, financial inclusion, climate change initiatives, and value-addition activities.

The Commissioner provided valuable guidance on future reforms in the cooperative movement in Ethiopia, emphasizing the importance of strengthening the cooperatives’ training centers to nurture future leaders and promote the development of the cooperative movement within the Ethiopian economy.

Furthermore, the head of Oromia cooperatives directed the close support of the union to foster better relationships with primary cooperatives. The cooperative reform will also aim to enhance leadership and management within the cooperatives.