Oromia Cook Stove distribution project (GS- 5463)

Project location: West wollega zone

Project proponent: Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU)

Project ID: GS-5463


The project is a small scale project activity that distributed improved cooking stoves for more than 8,000 coffee farmers in West Wollega zone in four selected districts (namely Homa, Haru, Lalo Asabi and Nole kaba districts).

The project:

  • Established four local stove production centers by organizing and capacitating women and youth in each of the four districts and created job opportunity for more than 120 women and youth,
  • Enhance the awareness of local community on climate change/emission reduction, carbon financing and renewable energy,
  • Created access to improved cooking technologies for local community,
  • Reduced burden on the environment especially forest degradation and emission from non-renewable biomass,
  • Improved the health and sanitation of rural community by reducing fuel consumption and indoor air pollution,
  • Created income for end users/ households from the sales of emission reduction/ carbon credits.

Each household installed a pair of stove, rocket/tikikil stove for cooking and mirt stove for backing and reduced 99,115 tons of CO2e from the first five years of issuance. The 6th and 7th year issuance is under monitoring and verification that will also additional income.

 In addition to the health and environmental benefit, farmers get dual benefit/payments both from the sales of carbon credit and fair-trade premium. For each ton of emission reduction, they received one Euro (99,115 Euro from fair-trade premium) and was used for climate action by cooperatives such as nursery site development, tracing, trenching and so on.  Most cooperatives were established nursery sites for the production of shade tree seedlings and improved coffee seedlings. It also generated a total of around a million Euros of carbon revenue. The project was implemented by pre-finance from Fair climate Fund of the Netherlands. The pre-finance has covered half of the cost of stoves distributed (the remaining half was covered by households), training and start-up capital of technology producers, document preparation for GS registration, validation, verification costs and deducted from the sales of carbon credit. The pre-finance was deducted from the carbon sales and the remaining carbon revenue was distributed for end users.


Technologies disseminated by the project


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Sample Nursery site carbon fairtrade premium

Sample Nursery site carbon fairtrade premium